Ready made garments export council (RMGEC) is a non profit agency established by the Ministerial Decree No.207. It is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the Ministry of Trade and Industry and an assembly of the most prominent ready made garments exporters. 

RMGEC Vision

The vision of RMGEC is to position Egypt as an international hub for ready made garments in terms of design, quality, cost-effectiveness and warehousing, vertical manufacturing, resources,
geographical location and trade agreements, etc…

RMGEC Mission

  1. Acting as an intermediate between the ready made garments sector and all other stake holders.
  2. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the sector and ensure transparency in all dealings
  3. Attracting local and foreign investors additionally becoming a main channel not only for the RMG but also for the Egyptian economy.
  4. Seeking to become a focal point, that offers services to all stake holders and spreading awareness to all stakeholders on the requirements and business opportunities available in this sector
  5. On the long terms goals/future, the RMGEC will engage an essential role in the political arena which will allow it to have an impact on the necessary laws, policies and regulations concerning all SME affairs & interests in the RMG sector.

RMGEC Strategy

In order to effectively create business opportunities for the ready made garments manufacturers and be able to promote the industry as a leading and growing sector in the Egyptian economy, the RMGEC is devising a strategy that hinges on the strengths and opportunities of the sector. The strategy of the RMGEC must emphasize the creation of business opportunities by assisting in the export process and influencing the policy advocacy for the sector. By pooling all existing resources and working on making the process more efficient, the RMGEC can set strategies that develop the ready made garments sector. Setting a strategic plan depends on performing an in- depth analysis for the sector to identify the main competitive advantages of the Egyptian ready made garments sector over the other ready made garments suppliers.

RMGEC Services

  1. Assessing the export potential of the ready made garments manufacturer.
  2. Researching foreign markets.
  3. Providing information on export planning.
  4. Determining routes to international markets.
  5. Promoting ready made garments products (Internationally).
  6. Creating awareness to export financing and payments facilities available.
  7. Applying export documentation strategies.
  8. Preparing export plans.
  9. Creating awareness to IT related to the sector.
  10. Creating awareness to vocational/management training available services